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More About Us

At ZY Fish Tanks, we are constantly seeking to improve and innovate the conventional fish tank. As aquarists ourselves, we understand the inconvenience and problems aquarists face when rearing fishes. We make sure our tanks and cabinets are of the highest quality and workmanship that seeks to further your passion as an aquarist in your fish rearing journey.

Always having to think what colour background and tank bottom when getting a new tank? We solved that for you with our signature changeable tank background and tank bottom!

Always having issues with clogged up filter wool due to heavy bio load? We solved that for you with our sedimentation chamber so as to lessen the load on the filter wool!

Fishes falling sick or when it is time for your arowana to start tanning regime? We solved that for you with our double water level option, giving you the extra option to lower your main tank's water level while still having a fully functional bottom sump!

As aquarists of many years ourselves, our tanks are definitely made to alleviate problems faced by most aquarist, using an all-new thinking and approach to make fish keeping a joy, even for new aquarists who are looking to take on this fulfilling path of fish rearing.

The Conventional Fish Tank. Reinvented.

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