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You Asked, We Answered

How is ZY Fish Tanks different from other fish tanks in the market?

ZY Fish Tanks uses superior quality materials such as heavy-duty aluminium cabinet, modern aluminium glass doors, and crystal-clear glass for its tanks across all product ranges. On top of that, all our fish tanks have the function to change background and tank bottom colour, giving you the convenience never achieved by other tank makers. Furthermore, the Tidal System©, only available on our Arowana Series Advance and Ultimate Tiers, is a unique technology that sets us apart from the rest, providing you a first-in-class water filtration system that is both powerful and functional in achieving crystal clear water.

Can ZY Fish Tanks be custom made to size?

In addition to our standard specifications and tank dimensions, you can customise your own tank to your required sizes. Our professional sales team will answer all your queries and provide a detailed quotation prior to any purchase. Your customised tank will only take 1-2 months upon order confirmation and 50% booking deposit.

How long is the warranty for ZY Fish Tanks and what does it cover?

All ZY Fish Tanks comes with 3 Years Warranty against leakage due to workmanship. Warranty coverage include both main and sump tanks. You can view our warranty terms and conditions here.

Will ZY Fish Tanks scratch easily?

Unfortunately, all glass surfaces, including our ultra clear crystal glass, have the possibility to be scratched. We state this plainly to reduce the misconception that special glass surfaces cannot be scratched. However, there are good glass maintenance habits that we encourage our aquarist friends to adopt. Even using an innocuous damp cloth could cause micro scratches if there are dirt or fine particles present. Do feel free to seek advice from our professionals on caring for your ZY Fish Tanks during delivery and setting up. We will be more than happy to share our experience.

What is Tidal System©?

Our Tidal System© utilises the idea of separating water flowing into the overflow box into 2 paths, instead of a single path filtration of a traditional sump.


The first path that leads down is high flowing and will be channelled to the sump's wet & dry box for mechanical filtration, before flowing into the first compartment of the media chamber in the sump. This follows the traditional sump filtration path like many other sump tanks in the market.

The second path is low flowing and less turbulent. This path will be channelled to a sedimentation chamber built into the sump. The sedimentation chamber that allows food and fish wastes to settle down to the bottom, to be expelled through the opening of the valve. The water then flows into a secondary wet & dry box for further mechanical filtration before entering the tidal tank. The tidal tank can be filled with filter media for a more powerful biological filtration function that adds on to the media capacity in the main sump. As the tidal tank is filled, the water in the tidal tank flows down to the main sump, allowing the water level in the tidal tank to decrease while water level in the main sump increases.

This rising and sinking water level played out between the tidal tank and main sump forms a tidal cycle perpetually, mimicking nature's rising and falling tides in the rivers that not only gives you excellent filtration performance but also allows the water to "breathe", thus oxygenating the water effectively.

Find out more about our Tidal System© here.

Can I only use the related series to rear related fishes?

While we dedicated names of our tanks to a species of freshwater fish, we have accounted for the possibility of community tanks setup. Therefore, we have designed all our tanks for convenience to our customers. For instance, you can comfortably rear an arowana even in our Tiger series despite its high-water body, as we have managed to maintain a total tank height at 177cm, allowing you to view your arowana at eye level. All these scenarios have been considered by our Design team so that you can enjoy a community tank without sacrificing tank aesthetics or function. 

What type of glass does ZY Fish Tanks use?

The glass employed by ZY Fish Tanks originate from Shandong province, China, where they are famed for top quality glass production that is distributed worldwide. Find out more about our glass here.

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