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Ultra Clear Crystal Float Glass

Giving you the best visual experience when viewing your fishes.

ZY Fish Tanks does not settle for normal glass. Even as the market is flooded with terms such as "crystal glass", "super white glass", and "ultra clear HD glass", ZY Fish Tanks does not simply claim what our fish tanks glass are made of. Instead, we unreservedly share the provenance of our glass and certifications attained, to demonstrate that what you are getting from ZY Fish Tanks is the real deal.

The glass employed by ZY Fish Tanks originate from Shandong province, China, where they are famed for top quality glass production that is distributed worldwide. We engaged Jinjing (Group) Co., Ltd. for our supply of fish tank glass and chose their Jin Jing Wu Xian Ultra Clear Float Glass to give you the best viewing experience.

Glass Manufacturing

Our Glass

Only the best!

Featuring True Ultra Clear Crystal Float Glass on all our tanks.


CE Certificate for Glass
PPG License Certificate for Glass
CIDB Certificate for Glass
SIRIM Certificate for Glass
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