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Warranty Terms and Conditions

Our premium tanks are covered by warranty for your peace of mind. Not only do we ensure that our tanks are meticulously made, we also cover them with a warranty that will keep you covered for any potential problems that arises from our tanks.


Main Tank, Sump Tank, Pipings

1. Our tanks are covered with a 3-Year Warranty on any leakages from the main tank or sump tank. Leakages from tank due to defects in the silicon seal will warrant you a brand new tank set, and no patching of silicone will be done to ensure integrity of the tank.

2. Our pipings are covered with a 3-Year Warranty on any leakages and any leakages will be fixed with replacement/repair of pipings.

3. This warranty does not cover any intentional damages or damages done due to the transport/moving of the tank without our approved tank mover. If there is a leak due to silicon seal, we will investigate if the seal has been tampered with (with evidence).


1. All electronics that come together with the tank are covered with a 1-Year Warranty. Electronics include Lights, Heater, Multi Plug, Extention Cable and Pump. 

2. Any tampering with the electronics (evidence of tampering such as broken seals, opening up of devices) will render this warranty void.

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