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Arowana Series Advance Tier

In addition to features of the Basic Tier, the ZY Arowana Series Advance Tier incorporates a world’s first Tidal System© that mimics nature’s high and low tides throughout day and night, providing superior water quality with maximum media capacity. The same Tidal System© featured on our Ultimate Tier tanks. 


Find out more about our unique Tidal System© here. 

All tanks in our Arowana Series have what it takes to become a permanent home for your arowana, with vital features including: 

  • Ultra clear crystal float glass

  • Changeable tank background and tank bottom 

  • Heavy sliding glass covers with aluminium hemming 

  • Double water level option 

  • Individual sump compartment and main tank drainage system 


Read more about how our signature features help your arowanas thrive here. 

Arowana Series Advance Tier Sump

Features at a glance

  • Aluminium glass cabinet (available in black, grey and white)

  • Pull-out exchangeable tank background and tank bottom

  • 3 + 1 layers wet & dry box for superb mechanical filtration

  • Drainage pipe for sump compartments & main tank

  • Sliding glass covers with aluminium hemming

  • Built in LED light strip for interior cabinet illumination

  • Double water level function (for tanning, medication)

  • Double water outlet into main tank from sump for better water circulation

  • Ultra clear crystal float glass for main tank

  • Patented Tidal System©

  • Sedimentation chamber

  • 1+1 layers wet & dry mechanical filtration for tidal tank

  • Increased media capacity by filling up tidal tank

  • Integrated quarantine tank/ water ageing tank in sump cabinet (Optional)

  • Centralised individual sump compartment drainage allowing reverse rinse for sump maintenance

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