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Explore features of our ZY Series and how they can help your fish thrive in their permanent home. 

Signature Features 


Crystal glass  

The ZY Series opts for ultra clear crystal float glass as a standard. This clearer glass allows better penetration of light when tanning, and also allows you to view your fish at their true colour.


Changeable tank background and tank bottom 

All tanks are provided with triple background options of black, white and blue colours. This enables you to have any colour combinations to achieve the different phases of tanning for your fish without having to remove stickers or shift tanks. 


Heavy sliding glass covers with aluminium hemmings 

Our precious fish love to jump and play, thus a sturdy yet pleasant looking glass cover is a necessity to ensure their safety yet preserving the tank's aesthetics. The covers also prevent objects from falling into the tank.


Double water level option​

This option is a necessity for optimal tanning effectiveness. It is also useful when medicating your fish when it is sick.


Individual sump compartment and main tank drainage system

This features allows you to release water from individual sump compartments during sump maintenance, and to change water easily when draining water from the main tank.


Strong and long-lasting grade 2024 aluminium cabinets 

Our cabinets are designed for long-term use with solid structural integrity. Grade 2024 aluminium is an aluminium alloy, with copper as the primary alloying element. This alloy grade is used widely in applications requiring high strength to weight ratio, as well as good fatigue resistance, such as the aerospace industry.

Signature features 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are available in the ZY Arowana Series Basic, Advance and Ultimate Tiers.

Signature features 1, 2, 3, 4 are available in the ZY Tiger Series, and the ZY General Series Osmos.

Signature features 1, 2, 3 are available in the ZY General Series Mini.

Tidal System©

Advance Sump Breakdown.png

Our Tidal System© allows the water from the main tank flowing into the overflow box to be split into 2 routes.


The first route will lead water to the traditional Wet & Dry box cabinets that will flow into the main sump’s media chamber. The second route, where the water is less turbulent, will flow into a sedimentation chamber. The water that flows into the sedimentation chamber is slow flowing, thus allowing fish wastes and uneaten food to float to the floor of the sedimentation chamber, which can then be removed during water change with a valve that empties the sedimentation chamber.


From the sedimentation chamber, the water will flow to another Wet & Dry box cabinet and into the tidal tank. As the tidal tank fills up, slowly reaching maximum level, it will empty all the water into the main sump compartment, and the whole process starts again.


This process causes the water level in the main sump and water level in the tidal tank to continually exchange, from low tide to high tide, giving your tank an ecosystem that is closest to nature.

The Tidal System© feature is available in the ZY Arowana Series Advance and Ultimate Tiers.

Specialised built-in multi-purpose crystal glass tank in sump

Explore endless possibilities in your fish rearing journey! Introduce it as a fixed usage tank or exploit to make your fish rearing experience an amazing one. Set it up as a water ageing tank, or as a spare tank to keep other fishes, or a quarantine tank, or even a tank that tops up your main tank water when you’re going away on a holiday. 
The extra tank in the sump is linked to the main sump’s pump compartment, thus making it an integrated whole system, or a two-part system with an addition of a hose section. To run the extra tank as an independent system, you will require a second water pump (sold separately). 

The built-in multi-purpose crystal glass tank in sump feature is available in the ZY Arowana Series Ultimate Tier.

Deep water body with compressed bottom sump

The Datnoids & Angel fish species requires a deep water body. For Datnoids, a deep water body gives them the depth pressure they require to attain a sense of security, stabilise faster, and enables them to reach their growth potential. For Angelfish, a deeper water body allows them to stretch their fins as they move up and down while cruising in the tank.

Our ZY Tiger series features a deep water body with an impressive main tank height of 127cm, while maintaining a total tank height of 177cm. While most other deep tanks in the current market require use of a less effecient top sump, we achieve superior aesthetics and filtration through an innovative redesign of the bottom sump, compressing the sump cabinet height to 50cm without compromising media capacity.

The total tank height of 177cm is equivalent to a usual big-sized tank. For hobbyists who enjoy a community tank with arowanas, this is the perfect height to admire your arowana, reducing risk of Drop Eye Syndrome on your arowana at eye level, as your arowana will not be constantly looking down. This optimal height also means you can feed their fish without climbing a ladder or stool. 

The deep water body with compressed bottom sump feature is available the ZY Tiger Series.

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