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Arowana Series Ultimate Tier

Our ZY Arowana Series Ultimate Tier is our highest specification arowana tank that utilises the world’s first Tidal System© that mimics nature’s high and low tides throughout day and night, providing superior water quality with maximum media capacity. Find out more about our unique Tidal System© here. 

In addition, the Ultimate Tier tank offers the exciting features of a specialised built-in multi-purpose crystal glass tank in sump. This allows endless possibilities in your fish keeping journey. Find out more about ways to use this specialised built-in tank here

The Ultimate Tier tank also relocates the individual sump chamber drainage to the centre of the sump media
compartments, with valves positioned below each individual sump chamber. This allows better control and gives you an extra feature of washing the sump using flow back washing that allows you to clear the debris at the bottom of the individual sump chambers.

All tanks in our Arowana Series have what it takes to become a permanent home for your arowana, with vital features including: 

  • Ultra clear crystal float glass

  • Changeable tank background and tank bottom 

  • Heavy sliding glass covers with aluminium hemming 

  • Double water level option 

  • Individual sump compartment and main tank drainage system 


Read more about how our signature features help your arowanas thrive here.

Ultimate Tier Design PIcture.png

Features at a glance

  • Aluminium glass cabinet (available in black, grey and white)

  • Pull-out exchangeable tank background and tank bottom

  • 3 + 1 layers wet & dry box for superb mechanical filtration

  • Drainage pipe for sump compartments & main tank

  • Sliding glass covers with aluminium hemming

  • Built in LED light strip for interior cabinet illumination

  • Double water level function (for tanning, medication)

  • Double water outlet into main tank from sump for better water circulation

  • Full ultra clear crystal float glass for main tank including Sump Tank

  • Patented Tidal System©

  • Sedimentation chamber

  • 1+1 layers wet & dry mechanical filtration for tidal tank

  • Increased media capacity by filling up tidal tank

  • Integrated quarantine tank/ water ageing tank in sump cabinet

  • Centralised individual sump compartment drainage allowing reverse rinse for sump maintenance

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